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Relief Blend

Here’s the best essential oil blend for relief that I have found. I just used it yesterday on my 13-year-old son.

Roll-on blend

6 drops Peppermint

3 drops Wintergreen

6 drops Lavender

3 drops Frankincense

2 drops Rosemary

2 drops Marjoram

- Add to a roll-on bottle and fill with fractionated coconut oil.

- Roll on temples, forehead and back of neck.

I also used the same oils in the diffuser and within 30-45 minutes he was feeling much better and able to get back to his schoolwork.

Also try Ginger – I usually add a couple of drops to green tea.

If you have frequent issues try a capsule of 2-4 drops of Ginger oil everyday to stave them off.

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